Films in Dialogue: 2001 A Space Odyssey and Ikarie XB-1

A comparison between Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece and an earlier, lesser-known film from Czechoslovakia, reveals a certain dialogue between the two films… Was Ikarie one of the films Kubrick drew inspiration from to make 2001 the greatest of all science-fiction movies? You decide.

3 thoughts on “Films in Dialogue: 2001 A Space Odyssey and Ikarie XB-1

  1. From my pov, Ikarie was a great rec, i hadn’t heard of it before, let alone seen it.

    Loved it, personally prefer it to ’01. Course it didn’t look so good but i felt the understanding of what it really would feel like for us humans to conduct such a mission, was exceptional.

    Top notch stuff, cheers for the rec.

  2. This is truth to me for sure:

    The Truth
    Some still recall
    The time on the Rhine,
    When salmon, which once was
    A poor person’s fish,
    Became, instead, a dish for the rich —
    As sardines soon and cans of beans
    (And pigeon, dog, and seagull meat)
    As well will be
    In the decade approaching
    Before they all vanish entirely
    With us right behind them
    Sure as shit, if we don’t quit
    Treating each other, and everything else,
    As a means to a profit.

  3. BTW i’m both a seriously good historian and a futurist, cos i know ur an idiot to not know the past which has made our present, disaster and probable destruction of humans is the logical outcome of our current path tho.

    Violent revolution is never the solution, educating every1 you know in a way 4 ordinary ppl to gently take power is the right way. We are many, the scum are so very few and they are psycho/sociopaths. They will turn on each other just as easily on us, in order to survive.

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