10 Must-see New Hollywood Films

The ‘New Hollywood’, that is the American cinema of the 1970s, is a fascinating period which has long interested me and which I hope I’ll write about more in the future. For now, I’ve made another guest post following my German and Japanese lists on Greatest Films. In it I list ten New Hollywood classics, not necessarily the ten best of the era, but ten films that show off its main characteristics. Check out the list here:


How many of these have you seen and what do you think of them? Let me know!

One thought on “10 Must-see New Hollywood Films

  1. I have seen 5 of your Top 10:

    Bonnie & Clyde
    The Conversation
    The Parallax View
    Taxi Driver

    In fact, I’ve seen The Conversation & Taxi Driver twice, something of a rarity for me.

    I have 2 more waiting on my Criterion shelf to be watched:

    Harold and Maude
    Days of Heaven

    Of the other films on your list I have looked a few times at McCabe & Mrs Miller and will seek it out and I know I have to watch Chinatown again. I can’t say the other 2 offer much interest to me 😦

    Thanks for the list 🙂

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