Films in Dialogue: Full Metal Jacket vs. The Human Condition

Following on from my previous video juxtaposing a Kubrick classic with a potential,  and unexpected, Japanese influence, here is another… besides the obvious narrative similarities between Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket and Part II of Masaki Kobayashi’s Human Condition Trilogy (both being about the dehumanising effects of military training, the bullying of a slightly weaker recruit, and the defiance of a slightly stronger one), several scenes and settings seem to echo each other directly, most notably the suicides which both occur in lavatories… was Kubrick more of a Japanese cinema buff than we might have assumed? You decide!

7 thoughts on “Films in Dialogue: Full Metal Jacket vs. The Human Condition

  1. Think that end about to suicide clip of both said it all, The Human Condition is superior. FMJ, to me, comes across as your typical US, perpetrator as victim nonsense, THC made me feel more engaged

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